Hello everyone and welcome to my 259th analysis, this time featuring Devastress.
Overview: Devastress' Base Strength and Speed stats are spectacular for an attacker. What's more, she uses the coveted Pierce effect with 3 of her strongest attacks, allowing her to destroy monsters that are hiding behind enemy Taunts or Mega Taunts. She has access to useful effects like Curse and Total Blind, and her trait evolution ensures that debuffs have a really hard time landing on her. These combine to make Devastress a... devastating attacker.

Rank 0: Hardened: Pretty basic and always good to have.
Rank 1: Hardened + Tough: This is essentially Bulwark, but it's slightly more powerful than that. An excellent trait to have.
Rank 3: Hardened + Tough + SC: Area Random Debuff: These can vary largely, but chances are the enemy will be hit by either a deny or Torture effect. This is made more powerful by the fact that Mega Taunt SCs will take 3 different debuffs, so it'll not be as easy as taking, say, Ugluk's SC.

-Peace of Irina
-Stones of Petra /Grace of Debugging
-Light of Elena/Grace of Debugging
-Path of Valya/Grace of Debugging
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Strength
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords and Masks

Build Explanation:
The first three moves share the same great Base Power of 65, and they all apply Pierce to Devastress before dealing damage and remove it after dealing damage. Peace of Irina is a Total Blind, Stones of Petra is a buff removal, and Light of Elena is a Curse. Lastly, Path of Valya is unresisted and has a good 40 Base Power with an added AOE Blind. Any of the moves except Peace of Irina can be replaced by Grace of Debugging, a single target debuff removal that also applies Regeneration and Positive Effect Protection, the latter of which can be used in interesting ways, for example keeping Pierce after using her single target effects.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard for attackers. Devastress can also afford to run 3 Strength thanks to her excellent Base Speed allowing her to snipe attackers that run the same spread.

Teammate Options: Devastress is a great candidate for turn pass strategies because you can target enemies regardless of their buffs and either deal major damage to them or kill them. Other than this, Devastress is an amazing glue that can fit on almost any team due to the unique set of attributes she offers. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Devastress: Despite Pierce, Devastress can't apply debuffs to monsters who would normally be immune to them, like monsters with Evasion. Also, Pierce only applies to the moves that includes it, as it is removed after the move's use. For more Counter options, check out this article.