Hello everyone and welcome to my 17th analysis, this time featuring Dracontium.
Dracontium has amazing Base Strength and a great moveset that includes a 0 CD Stun. However, he is mostly left in the shadow of the likes of General Darmith and Shallinar due to them being overall better monsters.

-Morsu Vehementis
-Damnun Doble
-Ignis Area
-Magna Detrimenta
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Morsu Vehementis has 0 CD, is unresisted and it Stuns, which is amazing for a Fire monster. Damnun Doble gives Dracontium much needed Double Damage, since Ignis Area's Base Power is low for a Fire monster's main AOE, but said move does Burn all enemies. Lastly, Magna Detrimenta deals very high damage to a single target which is very useful versus frail Fire monsters. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximize his damage output while at least 1 Speed is mandatory on any monster 99% of the time.

Teammates: Sticky Lava is easy to stack with Dracontium as it takes 2 turns to apply Sticky Lava and get Double Damage on Dracontium, which usually results in one shotting everyone on the opposing team. Anoter quick alternative is using a faster Sticky Lava monster's AOE Lava, then using Ignis Area, which will also kill at higher rune levels.

Countering Dracontium: Igursus makes a devastating counter to Dracontium since all of his moves, when reflected, have serious consequences on his team: Morsu Vehementis stuns Dracontium while Igursus doens't get Stunned, Damnun Doble gives Igursus Double Damage to use with his AOE, Ignis Area burns Dracontium's team, and Magna Detrimenta destroys Dracontium. Megaosteum can Stun Dracontium with his higher Speed. Lucifire renders Dracontium's Damnun Doble and Ignis Area almost useless with Darmith Ch.9 and Darmith Ch.6, respectively.