When the existence just begined,there were 2 people hwo were ruling.Exsistinus and Apocalypsea.They are people with infinite power.One with power of destruction and creation.The profesy(spelling lv 100)says that spirit of Apocalypsea will call all of the evil souls and rise up and destroy everything that Exsistinus created.
SUPER:Call of cuthuly-mega possession all enemies,death cool down one turn one enemy.
1: Destruction bash-poison,one enemy,5 stamina,1000 atack
2: Ommojins wrath-all enemies,bleeding,20 stamina,620 atack
3:Black ground-curse,all enemies,400 atack
4:Evil spell-mega curse, ignite,all enemies,300 atack
5:Damned souls: possession,600 atack,one enemy