Hello everyone and welcome to my 18th analysis, this time featuring Tephra.
The first user of Sticky Lava, Tephra's usage declined when others who can also use Sticky Lava, such as Shallinar, showed up. Low Speed and below average Strength also encouraged this shift. However, when you look at Tephra as an individual monster, he is very solid as an attacker. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, his Speed and Strength are very lacking.

-Lava Mist
-Magma Avalanche
-Basalt Aggression
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 2 Speed 1 Strength

Lava Mist, when combined with Lavafall, deals massive damage to the enemy team, possibly wiping them out. Magma Avalanche deals extremely high damage and outright kills almost anything when combined with Sticky Lava. Basalt Aggression is a 0 CD move that also deals high damage on its own, but it applies Sticky Lava as well. 2 Strength 1 Speed gives him much needed power, but if you can use another Fire AOE user such as General Darmith, 2 Speed 1 Strength can also allow you to move before him and apply Sticky Lava to all enemies.

Teammates: Other Sticky Lava users such as Tulekahju or Shallinar speed up each other's work. Damage boosters raise his power to extreme levels when combined with Sticky Lava. Also, keep in mind that Sticky Lava bypasses all sorts of chance reductions by the likes of Bulwark and Tough, and even bypasses Spirit and Artifact.

Countering Tephra: Denying Tephra is an easy task thanks to his low Speed, and that's the best way of countering Tephra. If you remove the Sticky Lava he applies by using a debuff remover then most of Tephra's power goes away. Igursus is a perfect counter since he can reflect Lava Mist, then proceed to use his own powerful Fire AOE, or he can take Magma Avalanches for days if he isn't inflicted by Sticky Lava.