Hello everyone and welcome to my 19th analysis, this time featuring Ralbog.
Ralbog is the first monster who had AOE Bleed, and everyone was so hyped about it. Then they noticed Ralbog was the one who had this attack and the hype sort of faded away because 1) He was the final reward of Age of Dragons Island which made him almost impossible to get and 2) Ralbog had obvious flaws in his moveset and stats. Ralbog's Speed is very low, so it's very much prone to being immobilized by Megaosteum and Greedy Dragon. Still, his moveset is at least very unique.

-Crossing the Bridge
-Fiery Whips
-Black Chasm/Nameless Terror
-Enter the Mines/Mount Doom's Ward
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life

Crossing the Bridge and Fiery Whips are both AOE moves and they both apply damaging status, a large portion of Ralbog's damage. Black Chasm vs. Nameless Terror is a matter of CD vs. power. The last slot is a choice between a bigger Shield vs. more Power and a smaller Shield. 2 Strength 1 Speed makes him an attacker, but a spread of 1 Speed, Strength and Life can also work since he has Shields and largely focuses on dealing damage through longer periods of time.

Teammates: Monsters with Sticky Lava give Ralbog some much needed power to his AOEs. Healing monsters keep Ralbog alive for longer. Another AOE damaging status monster, such as an AOE Poison monster, works with Ralbog to whittle down the enemy fast.

Countering Ralbog: Lucifire makes a very effective counter: she removes Ralbog's Shield, and makes her AOEs mostly useless. Other Fire monsters in general have a good matchup with Ralbog thanks to his low Speed, and his AOE Burn being a Fire move which is resisted+most Fire monsters are immune to Burning.