Hello everyone and welcome to my 20th analysis, this time featuring Cavenfish.
The deny extraordinaire himself, Cavenfish's popularity isn't without reason. Firstly, AOE Freeze AND AOE Stun as seperate moves on a monster is extremely powerful and immunity to Freeze is a godsend for Water monsters since the primary method of immobilizing among Water monsters is Freeze. Furthermore, his Speed is good, which allows him to deny most monsters with 3 Speed runes. Unfortunately, Cavenfish hurts as much as a feather does, and his Speed still falls short on the line of 3465.

-Round Rain
-Bullet Rain
-Lead Rain
-Corsair Offensive
Runes: 3 Speed
The Rain moves all have the purpose of denying an opponent, however Lead Rain is noticeable in being an AOE with respectable Base Power and a chance to Stun, in addition to having 0 CD. Corsair Offensive removes 50% of an enemy's Stamina which can deny monsters after a couple turns have passed. Board Her! is not a bad move, but there is no room for it among Cavenfish's moves, though if you really want it, replace Lead Rain or Corsair Offensive with it. 3 Speed allows Cavenfish to function as a denier.

Teammates: A denier is necessary in any team. If you're using Board Her!, VoltaiK or Zyla the Faithful will benefit massively by each of the boosts it gives.

Countering Cavenfish: Since Cavenfish has access to both Stun and Freeze, countering him can be tricky. Captain Copperbeard has the Mountain trait and an AOE Stun, which allows him to effectively counter Cavenfish. Timerion can set his AOE moves on a 3 turn CD, though Lead Rain can still cause problems. Immunity to Stun is better than Immunity to Freeze when against Cavenfish because Lead Rain, Bullet Rain and his special move are Stuns, whereas he only has one AOE Freeze.