Hello everyone and welcome to my 21st analysis, this time featuring Varuna.
Varuna is an ancient relic among monsters; he was once the go-to monster thanks to his AOE Freeze. Monsters like Caillech attempted to get him out of the spotlight, but no matter what they did, they couldn't achieve the one thing Varuna did: staying alive. Varuna has amazing survival potential when you combine Cascade Vortex and Brutal Tsunami. On top of this, during a period of 72-Hr Challenges, SP kind of gave out Varuna cells, as you could get 100 per challenge with the cells being rewards under the cards, and this resulted in him easily rising to levels above 110. Today, Varuna still holds merit commonly not as a fast immobilizer, but as one that immobilizes after your denier does it the first time since he isn't immune to Freeze.

-Cascade Blast
-Brutal Tsunami
-Cascade Vortex
-Hefty Anchor
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life// 3 Speed

Cascade Blast is your standard AOE Freeze and it also has OK Base Power. Brutal Tsunami applies Stamina Leak to all enemies, gives Varuna Stamina Regeneration and has a very solid 40 Base Power. Cascade Vortex keeps Varuna healthy and has 100 accuracy, and finally, Hefty Anchor does high damage and Stuns the target. 2 Strength 1 Speed greatly increases his damage output whereas 1 Speed, Strength and Life gives him great survivability. 3 Speed is still a valid choice if you don't have access to other deniers, but Varuna is a bit slow if not ranked up.

Teammates: After the release of many monsters dedicated to denying, Varuna's main draw is his great survivability, dragging on the match while constantly punishing the opponent with Stamina Drains and damage. For this reason, monsters who aid in this, like Ouros and General Ingvar, are good candidates to form a "stall team". Timerion and any form of CD activation is Varuna's worst nightmare as all his moves have at least 3 CD, so Captain Copperbeard is a great choice for a teammate, plus he can be the denier of Varuna's team. Damage boosters can also aid in Varuna's slow punisher style by giving him more damage.

Countering Varuna: Being immune to Freeze greatly reduces the effect of Cascade Blast. Any form of CD activation completely ruins Varuna as without his special, he'll be a sitting duck for 3 agonizing turns. Hydratila the Icebringer counters Varuna utterly; he removes the Stamina Leak of his allies and applies Stamina Leak to his enemies, makes his allies immune to Freeze, and is faster than Varuna, which means he can Freeze him before he moves.