Hello everyone and welcome to my 21st analysis, this time featuring Varuna.
Overview: Varuna is one of the oldest monsters in the game, yet he can still be used to some degree of success. He used to be a top tier denier, but his now awful Speed stat makes him anything but that (if he can outspeed his enemies through level or Rune difference, that's a different story). Instead, Varuna can use his tools to become a monster that can be annoying to take down, with his access to AOE Stamina Leak, self Stamina Regeneration and healing. Because of this, Varuna finds himself at home in stall teams or as a good Team Speed holder, since he can instead become a great secondary denier. However, despite these positives, Varuna has been greatly battered over the years from the massive amounts of powercreep that has happened during that time. His stats are lacking in today's standards, and he is extremely vulnerable to CD Activation, something not uncommon among monsters today: even Hookuai, a Water attacker, has access to a move that does this.

-Cascade Blast
-Brutal Tsunami
-Cascade Vortex
-Hefty Anchor/Sudden Tsunami
Runes: 1 Stregth 1 Speed 1 Life/2 Strength 1 Speed/3 Team Speed/3 Speed
Mutant Rune Options: Speed&Life, Life&Strength, Strength&Life, Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Amulets and Swords
Build Explanation:
Cascade Blast is Varuna's AOE Freeze move, whereas Brutal Tsunami has good Base Power, applies Stamina Regeneration to Varuna and Stamina Leak to all enemies - these two attacks are the most crucial moves he has. Cascade Vortex has low Base Power for a single target attack, but it heals Varuna by 30% (also of note is its 100% Accuracy, ideal for finishing targets off). Lastly, Hefty Anchor is Varuna's strongest non-special move, with an added Stun. Alternatively, Sudden Tsunami can be used to have a 15% AOE Stamina Drain that has 1 CD, combining well with Brutal Tsunami.
A rainbow spread makes Varuna a secondary denier and a bruiser, making him tanky and dealing better damage. A more straightforward 2 Strength 1 Speed can be used instead to try and patch up his low Strength - Hefty Anchor's high power shines better in this spread. 3 Team Speed is one of the better Rune spreads Varuna can use, since this way he can aid in increasing the Speed of his teammates, which in return protect Varuna from harmful status. 3 Speed is still an option if you can outspeed the enemy team. For Mutant options, Strength and Life are focused on wherever you can.

Teammates: Varuna doesn't have many unique interactions, so for Teammate options, check this article.

Countering Varuna: Varuna is destroyed by CD Activation, so monsters like Hookuai and Dungeon Master can exploit this. For more Counter options, check out this article.