Hello everyone and welcome to my 22nd analysis, this time featuring The Prisoner.
The Prisoner's moveset indicates that he wants to be the slow punisher type with high damage and lots of survivability, however his trait and Base Strength say otherwise. Not being immune to Freeze and having such a low Speed in Water and Sea Wars is a terrible combination since he won't likely be able to move at all, and Lord Mammoth and Hydrok the Forgotten are actually better at what The Prisoner attempts to do.

-Blue Collar
-Free Reign
-In a Trough
-Prisoner Blue
Runes: 1 Life 1 Speed 1 Strength/ 2 Life 1 Speed/ 2 Team Life 1 Speed

Blue Collar gives him Regeneration. Free Reign is a Stun with high Base Power. In a Trough gives all allies a Small Shield. Prisoner Blue is an AOE with Precision. 1 Life, Speed, Strength give him the stats he desperately needs, although 2 Life 1 Speed is also good to keep him alive longer. Since Sea and Water focuses mainly on denying, 2 Team Life instead of regular Life could also work since the damage output of these 2 books are not extremely high.

Teammates: Any monster who can give The Prisoner immunity to Freeze is a good ally because with that, The Prisoner's job is much easier. Igursus enjoys both the Regeneration and the Precision granted by this monster.

Countering The Prisoner: Just leave him be and don't care about him, he won't be able to do much to you. Focus on taking out his teammates instead- besides, when you throw in any AOE deny this guy loses his turn.