Hello everyone and welcome to my 23rd analysis, this time featuring Frostbite.
I still remember when this monster was revealed and everyone lost their minds over Glacial Snowstorm and Arctic Boost. Frostbite's stats are good and his moveset is godlike, but there are two crucial factors that prevent Frostbite from being among the Gods of ML(VoltaiK, Zyla, Thetys, Timerion): Not being immune to Freeze, being below 3465 Speed. Frostbite suffers immensely from both of these, and that is why he is not omnipresent, though he is no rare sight.

-Glacial Snowstorm
-Piercing Rainfall
-Arctic Boost
-Icy Leech//Gelid Strike/Frozen Gust
Runes: 3 Speed//2 Strength 1 Speed

Glacial Snowstorm can deny the target for 2 turns, with 100% Stamina Drain and AOE Freeze. Piercing Rainfall has 40 Base Power, is an AOE and applies Freeze. Arctic Boost is one of the best support moves in the game; not only does it recharge 50% Stamina, but it also gives Double Damage, and does all of this to the whole ally team! The last slot goes to Icy Leech for the deny path, or Gelid Strike/Frozen Gust for the offense path. 3 Speed is the deny path whereas 2 Strength 1 Speed is the offensive path.

Teammates: As a regular denier, every team should have a denier. As a slow denier, a faster one is necessary since you will be able to deny twice this way. Frostbite is also a fantastic choice in Survival Dungeons to recharge Stamina before finishing the enemy monsters.

Countering Frostbite: Any denier with more Speed than Frostbite is the best and admittedly only surefire way of dealing with this monster, as being slower than him is a complete disaster due to his immense offensive and supportive presence.