Hello everyone and welcome to my 24th analysis, this time featuring Hydrok the Forgotten.
Hydrok is an excellent answer to all Water monsters except General Thetys thanks to his incredible survivability and awesome trait. His stats are also excellent for an attacker like him. Unfortunately, that's all there is to Hydrok, as he is not good compared to most of the the other VIPs and in my opinion does not earn the price tag placed on him, other than the Bulwark trait.

-Cold Water Wall
-Ancient Anchors
-Ambient Pressure
-Cold Water Shield/Decompression
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Cold Water Wall makes Hydrok very tanky and is a very effective weapon against many Water monsters. Ancient Anchors has the golden Base Power for an AOE move, and since Hydrok is an attacker he needs it. Ambient Pressure deals good damage and also applies Bleed, making it even harder to bring down Hydrok. The last slot goes to either Cold Water Shield for the team's survival, or Decompression for more damage. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the standard spread for attackers.

Teammates: Since Hydrok doesn't have one, damage boosters like Incognita or Valgar the Pure are useful to guarantee Ancient Anchors' team wipe. Healers increase his longevity, which is an important aspect of Hydrok. Watinhart can increase the damage output of Ancient Anchors.

Countering Hydrok the Forgotten: Countering a VIP monster is tough because of Bulwark, and since Hydrok is a tanky attacker this becomes even harder to manage. Ouros can take his single target attacks, but Bleed will hurt. Your best bet against Hydrok is Thunder monsters, who can break through his defenses with their critical moves. Also, Blob's Stamina Drain bypasses Bulwark and so does CDs Activated.