Hello everyone and welcome to my 25th analysis, this time featuring Ingvar's Bodyguard.
Don't let the descriptions fool you, SP changed the Metal Mirror on Metal Hater and Iron Repeller to normal Mirror Mirror, which makes this monster very valuable. Unfortunately, for Wars, he is not as useful as if he deosn't face Metal monsters, his Metal Protection is rendered useless and he has bad Speed and Strength.

-Iron Repeller
-Metal Hater
-Blinding Axes
-Axe Throw
Runes: 3 Speed

Iron Repeller and Metal Hater both give the target Mirror Mirror, but Metal Hater also gives Damage Boost which is important to increase the damage of the reflected attack. Blinding Axes is a Blind move and Axe Throw is an AOE Bleed with only 1 CD. 3 Speed must be run in order to quickly use his Mirror Mirror.

Teammates: Use monsters with high damage for his Mirror Mirror, such as Taiga or Layth, since the reflected attack's power is based on the Strength of the reflecting monster. Worker Hulk with no Speed is also a good candidate since he'll keep the Mirror for a long time while threatening the enemy with his massive damage. Combining his Mirror Mirror with a Space-Time kind of effect allows you to reflect attacks without taking damage first. Using the Mirror on a monster with Taunt, such as Ouros is also a good idea since the enemy will have to hit the target.

Countering Ingvar's Bodyguar: Timerion is one of the best counters since Equalizer does nothing to him when reflected and Stop Time acts to remove the Mirror for free. Try to make situations such as reflecting a Freeze move to a Freeze-immune monster, that way you won't be too much affected when the move is reflected. Use strong movs to finish off only if your monster can take the hit. Since Ingvar's Bodyguar is slower than most 3 Speed monsters, you can just deny him before any of this happens.