Forget racing, it's time to compete in a Marathon – a one-off event for the Halloween season. Fight for the only chance to get the super powerful Monster, Lord Pumpseed. He can hold his own, even amongst Warmasters.

Lord Pumpseed is the fastest Fire Control Monster ever, who can MegaCorrupt and uses Cooldown Activate to mess with his enemies.
In order to deal Damage, he relies on Tortures like Burn, Ignite, Bleed and Nightmares. He can also give a 3 Turn Death Countdown to all enemies and allies, who would, in turn, be protected by Lord Pumpseed's area trait. He also has an evolving trait; Gravedigger and area immune to Insta-Death at rank 0, adding Tough at rank 1, and Status Caster: Minor Blind to all enemies at Rank 3. Finally, at Rank 5 he gets the optimum trait for any Control monster; True Vision.

Lord Pumpseed is so exclusive that you won't be able to get him anywhere else in the game, rank him up with Elementium or Elemental Cells, donate his Cells or have more than 1 of him.

Check his stats HERE.



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