Hello everyone and welcome to my 26th analysis, this time featuring Ingvar's Pet.
Ingvar's Pet has only one role and that is to take hits. Combined with his trait, Igvar's Pet can save his teammates from dangerous single-target attacks. Unfortunately for him, he faces stiff competition from Ahran in this role, who can deal some damage unlike this monster, and can return the damage they deal to him.

-Bull Taunt
-Major Shield
-Lighting Bull
-Frontal Charge
Runes: 2 Life 1 Speed

Bull Taunt allows Ingvar's Pet to redirect all single-target attacks to himself. Major Shield can be used on other monsters too, but you are best off using him on this monster to take even more hits. Lighting Bull is AOE Daze and Frontal Charge counters Valgar the Pure's Divine Light. 2 Life 1 Speed makes him as tanky as possible without being too slow.

Teammates: Use monsters with setup moves like Megaosteum to take advantage of the openings Ingvar's Pet creates.

Countering Ingvar's Pet: AOE moves render Bull Taunt utterly useless, and so does any monster who can remove positive effects. Valgar the Pure can use Light of Punshment whenever Ingvar's Pet tries to use Bull Taunt since Light of Punishment has 0 CD.