Hello everyone and welcome to my 262nd analysis, this time featuring Sunblast.
Overview: Sunblast has a large amount of powerful deny effects including CD Activation. Coupled with other useful effects like Sunburn, Daze and Guard Down, Sunblast is able to provide much to his team. A Hardened variant is always good to have too, and Sunblast has Hardened + Burn Immunity. His Speed is not quite amazing when compared to the newer speed demons, but Sunblast is nevertheless a good monster in general.

-Stop, It's Firetime!
-Cover The World In Darkness
-Dazzling Fireshow/True Power Of Pyrotechnics
-Block Out The Sun/True Power Of Pyrotechnics
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Traps and Staves

Build Explanation:
Stop, It's Firetime! is Sunblast's main deny move. It applies Sunburn to all enemies and activates their CDs as well. Cover The World In Darkness is another AOE deny to use in case some enemies have 0 CD attacks; it applies Possession to all enemies and removes 20% of their Stamina. In the last 2 slots, single target versions of these moves are used, but the single target version of Cover The World In Darkness has 50% Stamina Drain instead of 20%. An alternative over either of these single target attacks is True Power Of Pyrotechnics, which applies Guard Down and Daze to all enemies. This can be used to be more supportive and counter Precision modifier strategies used by monsters like Saika.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is a standard on deniers.

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