Hello everyone and welcome to my 28th analysis, this time featuring Valgar the Pure.
Valgar is both a very good defender and attacker. Only Queen Luthien and Valgar possess the beloved Light Blocker-a buff that nullifies all damage except from Light attacks for 1 turn. This move, coupled with his special and Divine Light make Valgar one of the most powerful support options available. However, Valgar also has an attacker side, as shown by Light of Punishment and Spear of Tempest combined with Divine Light. The only things Valgar lack is good stats, deny moves and belonging to a book. Also, with the release of Incognita, who has a better damage boost and a way more powerful AOE, Valgar lost a bit of his luster as an attacker.

-Light Salvation
-Light of Punishment
-Spear of Tempest
-Divine Light
Runes: 3 Speed/ 2 Speed 1 Strength// 2 Strength 1 Speed

Light Salvation is Valgar's main attack; it neuters all damage except Light for one turn, which could change the game. Light of Punishment is a 0 CD, 30 Base Power AOE that removes all buffs from the enemy team, and this is exceptionally good vs. General Ingvar, Timerion and Incognita. Spear of Tempest deals great damage with its unresisted 75 Base Power. Lastly, Divine Light is one of the best damage buffs as it not only gives Precision on top of Double Damage, it also gives Stamina Regeneration and it can be cast on anyone on the team. 3 Speed allows Valgar to outspeed most monsters and use Light Salvation or Divine Light. Depending on your enemy at War, you can drop 1 Speed for Strength. 2 Strength 1 Speed is still a valid option even after Incognita's release, since this way, being slow helps you to remove buffs more effectively.

Teammates: General Ingvar or Globrush can make Light of Punishment more powerful, allowing Valgar to deal massive damage when combined with Divine Light even without Strength runes. Valgar is also the best Light monster to use in case of a C/UC War thanks to Light Salvation having effect until the affected monster moves, although I don't see them much now. An attacker with a strong AOE (40 or higher Base Power AOE) is recommended with Valgar as he alone can't deal enough damage to kill everyone even with Divine Light.

Countering Valgar the Pure: As with all VIPs, Bulwark makes this a difficult task. However, you can just deny the monster Valgar buffs with Divine Light and just ignore Valgar afterwards since he can't deal much damage without Strength runes and has no deny moves. If Valgar does have Strength runes, this becomes challenging since denying him becomes hard with Bulwark, and in this case you should focus on taking him down quickly since Valgar has low Speed.