So I have played this game for a while now. My account is 5 years old and I have seen many issues that I think I have a solution for. First off many players report players in global chat just for saying "hi". This is false reporting and because the ban system is automatic it is taken advantage of. I have over 100 screenshots of this occuring by numerous players, but one group appears the most. They tend to act like a militia in global harrassing anyone in their way. They threaten players and bully them constantly just for entering global. I think adding chat rules and when you report someone you have to select a reason and then before banning someone right away check what actually happened. I know 24 hours is not the end of the world, but it is annoying to try to have a conversation with someone and get banned for no reason. I also think adding a false report system in would help. That way if someone reports you and you want to dispute this report for being false you can do so. This would cut down on so many people taking advantage of the report and ban system. Like I said I have over 100 screenshots to prove my case and show that this does happen regularly. I hope to get a response soon and if you want me to show you the screenshots please tell me the best way to do so.