Hello everyone and welcome to my 29th analysis, this time featuring General Uria.
General Uria has good stats, a fantastic trait and huge damage. He also has powerful 0 CD attacks, which are useful vs. Timerion. However, his Pet outclasses Uria as he has more damage than the master, and he also has the Tough trait.

-Electric Cannonade
-Electric Charge
-Multi Barrage
-Electrified Attack
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Electric Cannonade has 55 Base Power, 0 CD and Daze, and is unresisted. Electric Charge is a 0 CD Blind move. Multi Barrage has a great 40 Base Power and is an AOE move, and Electrified Attack is a high damage Blind. 2 Strength 1 Speed since he's all about damage.

Team Options: Damage boosters can allow Uria to one-shot the enemy team. General Ingvar turns most of his attacks into even more powerful nukes.

Countering General Uria: Ouros can easily take his single power attacks, leaving the only option for Uria to reach your team a 40 Base Power AOE with no added effects. Since denying Uria is difficult and taking his attacks even more difficult, killing him before he moves with VoltaiK or Zyla is a valid option.