Hello everyone and welcome to my 30th analysis, this time featuring Uria's Pet.
One of the rare occurences of a Pet bexceeding his master, Uria's Pet does what Uria does but better: dealing huge damage! This Pet also has a trait from VoltaiK, and that is damage to the main target, then small damage to all enemy team. However, unlike his master, Uria's Pet doesn't commonly use any form of status effects, which is a negative. Plus, he is frailer than Uria, so a strong attacker can take him down in one hit.

-Dynamic Thunderbolt
-Electric Fulmination
-Barrage Teleport
-Dynamic Discharge
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Dynamic Thunderbolt does crazy damage to any target, and does small damage to all other enemies as well. Electric Fulmination actually has 65 Base Power, but it's picked anyway since it's a residual damage move. Barrage Teleport is a 0 CD 55 Base Power unresisted attack, and Dynamic Discharge has the golden 45 Base Power and is unresisted. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage.

Teammates: General Ingvar greatly increases the damage of his moves. Damage boosters allow him to one-shot the enemy team.

Countering Uria's Pet: Ouros can take his attacks, but the team has to worry about the powerful AOE move. Other than that, faster attackers can take him out in one shot due to his low Life.