Hello everyone and welcome to my 31st analysis, this time featuring General Darmith.
Darmith is one of the best Fire monsters in the game. He has the highest Speed of all Fire monsters tied with Shallinar, Tulekahju and Lucifire the Helltaser. He has the Tough trait which helps against Stuns from Greedy Dragon and Megaosteum. He also has Dragon Berserker, a move that halves all incoming damage and gives Double Damage, and this move is perfect against Fire monsters who have high damage moves. Plus, he was easily ranked up thanks to the low prices in Team Shop. Actually, if Darmith had even a single target deny move, he'd be the best Fire monster.

-Dragon Berserker
-Final Slash
-Fury Flare
-Final Flare
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 2 Speed 1 Strength

Dragon Berserker is what makes Darmith so good: it halves all incoming damage(this buff in particular can't be removed by remove buffs, interestingly) and it gives Double Damage. Final Slash has great single target damage and it Burns. Fury Flare has a rather low 30 Base Power, but it's an AOE Burn. Final Flare has the golden 45 Base Power of AOEs. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his power, though 2 Speed 1 Strength is also an option to quicky use Dragon Berserker.

Teammates: Users of Sticky Lava, when combined with Dragon Berserker, almost ensure the wipeout of enemy monsters in one hit. Lucifire's Darmith, Ch.6 makes Fire moves nearly useless when combined with Dragon Berserker, and it also gives him Precision to combine with Double Damage.

Countering General Darmith: Lucifire's Darmith, Ch.9 removes the Double Damage of Dragon Berserker, and it can apply Blind and Damage Reduction, plus his AOE Fire moves become very weak after Darmith, Ch.6. Igursus can reflect some important attacks back, though after Dragon Berserker reflecting Final Slash is troublesome as Igursus will receive huge damage whereas Darmith won't take nearly as much.