Hello everyone and welcome to my 32nd analysis, this time featuring Darmith's Pet.
With General Darmith himself around, this pet is pretty much obsolete unless you are using him in Winged Wars. As an individual monster, he has good Speed and Strength and terrible Life, but with his moves he's got good damage output, plus he has the always valuable Tough trait. His special can also save you sometimes.

Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Blitz has 0 CD, is unresisted and has 60 Base Power: an all around awesome move. Heat has the golden 45 Base Power for an AOE. Inferno's Base Power is low, but it Burns all enemies. Intervention has 0 CD and it gives Damage Boost: normally this move isn't good but there are simply no other moves to use. 2 Strength 1 Speed is an attacker spread.

Teammates: Sticky Lava users power up his AOE moves.

Countering Darmith's Pet: Lucifire renders his AOE's very weak. He's slower than Darmith, so any Fire monster that speed-ties with Darmith can take him out with a fast, powerful move due to his low Life.