Hello everyone and welcome to my 33rd analysis, this time featuring General Thetys.
Along with Zyla, VoltaiK and Timerion, Thetys, in my opinion, belongs to a group I'd like to call Gods of ML because they're omnipresent and can take down entire teams with their great powers. Thetys is in this group due to one move: Stamina Devourers. This AOE move not only has 100 Accuracy, but it drains all enemies and Thetys of their Stamina, forcing them to rely on the chance that they'll get their special move in order to do anything. Having the Tough trait and being part of the Team Shop is also a huge bonus since she was very easy to rank up du to the cost of the monsters in Team Shop being around 1k Coins. However, not even Thetys is withour her flaws, as her stats are not very good at level 100, and the arrival of Hydratila has made a large impact on her deny capabilities since Hydratila has a 0 CD, 0 Stamina move that gives his team Stamina Regen.

-Stamina Devourers
-Elite Sea Troops
-Abyss Attack
-Frosting Sea Monster
Runes: 3 Speed

Stamina Devourers is the most surefire deny in the entire game, with only teams with Hydratila and special moves being after to move after its use. Elite Sea Troops restores the Stamina off all allies to full and gives them Precision+Damage Boost, which is amazing especially in Survival Dungeons. Abyss Attack is a single target Freeze whereas Frosting Sea Monster has a chance to apply Freeze to all enemies. 3 Speed is mandatory on Thetys.

Teammates: General Ingvar is Thetys' best buddy, as after Thetys uses Stamina Devourers, he can use Encouragement, allowing Thetys enough Stamina to use EST. VoltaiK or Zyla is a common member of this team, as they get fully recharged to finish their job. Other than that, Thetys can still be used in any team since she's a denier.

Countering General Thetys: If she's the one attacking, the battle is probably lost since you have to be faster than her and the AI has to be smart enough to use a deny move. If she's the one defending, it's easier since she maybe won't use Stamina Devourers. In both cases-attacking and defending- Hydratila is a massive counter since he's immune to Freeze, has Thetys, Pages 32 and 24 to use after Stamina Devourers and is naturally faster at the same level. He IS Thetys' Nemesis after all.