Hello everyone and welcome to my 33rd analysis, this time featuring General Thetys.
Overview: Thetys was once the best denier in the game, thanks to her Stamina Devourers, an AOE 100 Accuracy move that drains 100% Stamina from all enemies and herself - the Accuracy and deny method of this move led to Thetys' extreme success, since nothing was truly immune to it. Even now, the number of monsters with 0 Stamina moves is low, plus they are still forced to use that move and not the move they want, and they must eventually recharge without help from allies. This makes Stamina Draining, and by extension Thetys, a reliable denier. However, Thetys' Speed is low for a denier, plus monsters to combat her denying exist, like Hydratila forms, Samael the Plague Carrier or Evasion or Mega Taunt SCs.

-Stamina Devourers
-Elite Sea Troops
-Abyss Attack
-Frosting Sea Monster
Runes: 3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life
Relics: Banners and Swords

Build Explanation:
Stamina Devourers was explained above as Thetys' deny move. Elite Sea Troops fully restores all allies' Stamina and gives them Precision + Damage Boost, making it an excellent supportive move for any team members. Abyss Attack is a single target Freeze, and Frosting Sea Monster has a 50% chance of Freezing all enemies.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is the standard for deniers.
The power of Stamina restoring Relics are notable, as they reduce the brunt of Stamina Devourers, or prevent enemies from dropping Thetys below 120 Stamina, as said move has that as an initial cost.

Teammate Options: Allies that restore Stamina will allow Thetys to retain her momentum after Stamina Devourers. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering General Thetys: If you drop her below 120 Stamina before she uses Stamina Devourers, she won't be able to use it. For more Counter options, check out this article.