Hello everyone and welcome to my 35th analysis, this time featuring Zyla the Faithful.
Moveset-wise, Zyla is the best VIP monster, though she may not be the first priority in terms of acquiring VIPs, as I mentioned in my VIP ranking. Along with VoltaiK, Thetys and Timerion, Zyla, in my opinion, belongs in a group of monsters I'd like to refer to as Gods of ML because they are omnipresent and capable of single handedly tearing down teams, which shows how awesome Zyla's power is. However, Zyla faces very stiff competition from VoltaiK, who does exactly what Zyla does, and is considered by some to be a better defense monster thanks to having 4 extra turn moves, which forces the AI to use extra turn moves all the time, and most importantly, can be obtained without money and thus is easier to rank up.

-Fast Chains
-Agony Chains
-Affliction Chains
-Clamant Havoc
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Stamina

Fast Chains is a 0 CD extra turn move, and this move makes CDs Activated useless on Zyla. Agony Chains deals extremely high damage for an extra turn move, and for 1 CD! Affliction Chains deals even more damage and Dazes on top of it, but it has 2 CD. Lastly, Clamant Havoc can ruin opposing VoltaiK and Zyla. 1 Speed, Strength and Stamina gives her all the stats she needs.

Teammates: Monsters that apply Stamina Regen, like General Ingvar, can greatly increase the number of attacks Zyla dishes out in one go. Cavenfish with Board Her! is especially effective thanks to the additional Damage Boost and Precision it gives. You can use 2 other monsters with Team Speed to ensure that Zyla goes first and destroys the enemy without them being able to do anything.

Countering Zyla the Faithful: If she's using the Team Speed strategy, go cry in a corner if you rune levels aren't higher than hers. If she's the AI, you have a better chance at surviving her onslaught since she has a chance to end it with Clamant Havoc any time. Other than that, Igursus appropriately wrecks Zyla if she doesn't use the Team Speed strategy, as once you deny her and have Igursus use Vesuvius, you're safe since when he reflects an extra turn attack, the turn goes to Igursus. Valgar the Pure or Timerion can also stop Zyla's rampage with their damage immunities.