New dungeons are waiting for those who embraced their Questing side and have acquired any of the Quest monsters. You will have a great opportunity to put them into good use every month in the Quest Dungeon where only Quest monsters are a rule.

Starts: November 11th

New Quest Book
Have a bad memory and don’t remember which Monsters we are talking about? Don’t become disheartened, we got you covered with a new Quest Book available in the Library. It contains all the current Quest Monsters but it will also hint the upcoming ones.
0_1573221284751_book quest.png

How is this going to work?
As you know, currently, when playing the Quest event you need to participate in the breeding to receive a key that opens the Quest Survival Dungeon. This remains the same.

However, on top of that, you will also get a Quest Scroll for any unsuccessful/successful breeding using the parents from the event.
These Quest Scrolls will work as a currency to advance through nodes in the new Quest Dungeon.


The new Quest Dungeon will follow special restrictions:
0_1573460133885_Screenshot 2019-11-11 at 09.15.04.png


Each Node has a Roulette with 5 cells of the current Quest Monster or the Quest scrolls.
You can get up to 60 cells of the current Quest Monster Cells.
0_1573222888258_Screenshot 2019-11-08 at 15.21.06.png

Missing Quest Monsters?
In case you don’t have any Quest Monsters, you can catch up by visiting the Lab to get some of their cells.
IMPORTANT: The gem price is progressively decreasing, so the more you buy, the cheaper they’ll get.

/Edit: Updated Restrictions