Hello everyone and welcome to my 36th analysis, this time featuring General Ingvar.
Ingvar may have bad stats at level 100, but his movepool is one of the best in the entire game in terms of support. Tough is an excellent trait for Ingvar as he is extremely flexible. He can act as a supporter as well as an attacker if he's ranked up, which was easy due to the lower costs of Generals. However, Ingvar is not extremely strong on his own and is weak if he's not ranked up, so newer players are going to have a Tough time using him.

-Stunning Assault/ Dazing Wings
-Blinding Wings
Runes: Any combination of Strength and Speed or Team Speed(including 3 Speed and 3 Team Speed, excluding 3 Strength)

Encouragement removes all debuffs from the team and applies Life and Stamina Regen, which Ingvar can use to great effect thanks to his Tough trait. Stunning Assault is unresisted, has 1 CD and Stuns, though Dazing Wings is AOE Daze which softens up attackers like Layth. Blinding Wings is an AOE Blind which is like a soft deny. Lastly, Discouragement is one of Ingvar's signature moves, making all enemies weak to Light and Special moves- this move allows Ingvar to synergize with many monsters. Ingvar has a vast range of rune options, with existing ones including even Life runes. However, the one I listed is the ones generally used.

Teammates: Ingvar can stick to any team thanks to his massive supportive presence, however one of the most popular teammates is General Thetys, whose Stamina Ingvar can refill enough to allow her to use Elite Sea Troops. VoltaiK and Zyla the Faithful are also popular choices thanks to Encouragement lenghtening their "turn". An AOE Daze to be used after Ingvar's Blinding Wings sort of denies all enemies for 2 turns.

Countering General Ingvar: Valgar the Pure makes an effective counter to Ingvar as he can remove Encouragement with Light of Punishment. No matter what rune spread he uses, Ingvar must sacrifice either Speed or Strength for the other, so you can deny him if he's slow, though his trait will give you a Tough time.