Hello everyone. Warmasters are the most prestigious group of monsters to date, featuring some of the strongest members of the metagame. These monsters can be obtained without spending a single penny on the game, but knowing which one to invest in can be a challenge. This list will aim to rank all Warmasters based on their success in their relative roles and their impact on the metagame in general. Unless stated otherwise, monsters are listed from best to worst, both in terms of tier placements and the monsters' individual placings in lists. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I would appreciate it if you gave me constructive criticism instead of just stating that I'm wrong.

S-Tier: This tier houses the best Warmasters, monsters who have made historic impacts on the metagame that will likely never be erased. This is the only tier in which a monster's position does not matter.

-Warmaster Thalassa: The best monster in the game is of course among the best Warmasters. Thalassa is equipped with tools that allow her to deny any single type of monster, which makes trying to counter her with a single monster nigh impossible. With her extra turn attacks, she can disable the traits of all enemies and Mega Freeze them, while removing buffs such as Evasion to further guarantee that the deny effect lands - at Rank 4, it's not even stopped by Mega Taunt since it's a single target attack that first removes buffs. Her trait also includes Tough to set back faster deniers, and she's fast herself too. There's no need to further speak of how great Thalassa is.

-Warmaster Ragnarok: Ragnarok is, without a doubt, the most versatile monster in the game. His moveset features so many strong effects like Evasion, AOE debuff removal, AOE Skill Mirror, single target Trait Disable... the list goes on. His stats are extremely good, featuring very high Base Speed and Base Strength, and his trait can be a game changer - True Vision ensures that Ragnarok doesn't miss, Anticipation is excellent to have (prime example is Thalassa above) and his SC selects from a vast array of powerful buffs. Ragnarok is extremely common, even more so than Thalassa, and there's a reason - he just fits in so well with any team.

-Warmaster Elvira: Elvira is an excellent support with many protective and offensive buffs, but what makes her so important is her SC: AOE Evasion. This is a game changer, because faster teams will find themselves unable to touch you before you move, which defeats the purpose of being faster. Team Blind Immunity is also good against monsters like Mirak and Hornet because it also blocks Total Blind. Elvira's kit also includes many heals and debuff removals alongside high Base Powers, allowing her to easily become a good attacker while keeping the ability to be an excellent support.

A-Tier: This tier houses Warmasters that are immensely powerful and are top tier threats. They are stronger than a vast majority of viable monsters and are always threats to keep in mind.

-Warmaster Sherezar: Tied with Barbael for the fastest Warmaster, Sherezar is a great support and an even better denier. Team True Vision counters Hardened variants and SC: CD Immunity counters enemies like Storm Beard and Patient Cyber. Sherezar's main deny method is CD Activation, which is one of the most powerful deny methods available. Also, he's able to clean all status effects on all monsters in the game with an extra turn move, rendering Evasion and similar buffs useless.

-Warmaster Remntar: Remntar is unique for having protection against an element as his trait, in this case, Special Protection, which renders damage from all Legendary attacks zero. Not only this, but Remntar starts the game with SC: AOE Skill Mirror, discouraging powerful debuff attacks. These two alone make Remntar a monumental threat that can throw off many teamns. He has many other utility tools under his belt, such as AOE buff removal, a 0 CD AOE 33% Shield and giving an ally Anticipation, Damage Boost and Precision. His high Base Powers and good Strength make him similar to Elvira in that he can act as a support while being an attacker.

-Warmaster Barbael: Barbael is the other fastest Warmaster. He excels at Tortures, Trait Disabling and Total Blind, allowing him to be a great disruptive monster. Barbael has the most offensively focused trait of all Warmasters, giving all allies Damage Boost as a trait. This allows him to boost his allies' damage output without losing momentum. Coupled with his Tortures, this allows Barbael's team to collectively dish out high amounts of damage for very little effort, while also putting them in a difficult spot with Total Blind and Trait Disable.

B-Tier: This tier houses the Warmasters that are definitely very strong, but are noticeably weaker than the ones above them due to factors such as having weaker movesets or missing out on key status effects. Regardless, as stated before, these Warmasters can and will stomp you if you underestimate them even a little bit.

-Warmaster Necromancer: Disruption is the name of the game for Necromancer. Being able to pass turns while having Anticipation is the ultimate momentum stopper, and Necromancer not only has this, but also gives his team Possession Immunity as a trait. He has the strongest revival skills in the game, and while these skills won't do much if nobody is dead, they can come in handy very frequently. He unfortunately has no deny skills or any way to debuff enemies, but Necromancer can be surprisingly tricky to work around if put against the right teams.

-Warmaster Gortak: Gortak is a beast of an attacker, possessing great Base Strength, offensive debuffs and moves with huge Base Power. Gortak isn't just offensively-minded though; he is Control Immune and gives his teammates Stun Immunity as a trait, plus has AOE debuff removal moves, one of which has 0 CD and 0 Stamina Cost. Gortak has access to an AOE Mega Stun to top this all off, making him a monster that's simply impossible to ignore. His fatal flaw, however, is his low Base Speed, which most monsters can outpace. Despite this, Gortak is still a valuable addition to any team that seeks a glue.

C-Tier: This tier houses Warmasters that are better than, or at least are as good as, modern viable monsters. They are placed here not because they're weak, but because they don't live up to the Warmaster name very well - keep in mind all other members of this list and how they compare to this tier.

-Warmaster Babari: This monster seeks to discourage any attempts at dealing damage to your team: he gives his team Torture Immunity as a trait and has a 100% Damage Mirror SC: This alone makes him a spectacular glue to any team, but Babari is also a good attacker, having extra turn attacks with crucial debuffs attached to them like buff removal and Trait Disable.

-Warmaster Zahra: Like in all other categories, Nature got the short end of the stick here. Zahra is by no means bad, but her best skill is unlocked at Rank 4, and all of her other skills until that are just good at best (remember, we are talking about Warmasters, who are supposed to have very strong skillsets). She can protect her team very well with 50% Life Increase as a trait and Torture Immunity SC alongside Photanophobic Shields, but when it comes to doing much to the enemy team, Zahra just has AOE Poisons and a couple of moves with decent Base Powers - not even any buff removals are present.