Hello ML Masters,
Chris here, Co-lead of the Angry Tigers, an adults-only ML team that is pretty serious about wars, racing and battlegrounds. We typically sit at about rank 50 in global team rank but move anywhere from 10th to 100th. We hit 60 laps in just about every race. If you are a daily player, have many top-level monsters that are lvl 115+, lvl 8 to lvl 10 runes with numerous gold and legendary relics, we want you on our team!

Team name is Angry Tigers. Please reply to this post with a bit about yourself and then find “Angry Tigers” in the game and apply. If you look like the right fit, I’ll accept you immediately. We want folks that are on daily and will get all their attacks in every war. We also have minimum performance requirements for the race. Looking forward to hearing from you!