Hello everyone and welcome to my 37th analysis, this time featuring Pinky Flash.
Pinky is a very effective Magic attacker thanks to her Self buff move rendering Possession useless. She also has moves with very high Base Power so she can decimate her enemies quickly. Her Life and Strength are both amazing, with her Self buff move complimenting this, however her Speed is very lacking. Fortunately, Pinky Flash doesn't need Speed too much since she doesn't have deny moves.

-Jumping Hams
-Jumping Jacks
-Honda Style
-Active Recovery/Overweight
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Jumping Hams is a 50 Base Power unresisted AOE attack, which is amazing. Jumping Jacks gives her Double Damage and Double Life, increasing her survivability and damage output. Honda Style destroys anything that doesn't resist it. In the last slot, Active recovery, when combined with Jumping Jacks, heals for great amounts whereas Overweight is a 0 CD move which is awesome vs. Timerion. 2 Strength 1 Speed is a standard for attackers.

Teammates: A denier is necessary to set up Jumping Jacks and to compensate for her low Speed. Demise can help with her Speed issue, and her powerful AOE can end the match right after Strength From Beyond. Keep in mind that her matchup vs. other Magic monsters is good thanks to Jumping Jacks being a Self move, and since she doesn't belong in any book, almost any Team War with her will include Magic ruling. The Keeper can turn Honda Style into a devastating nuke that wil kill anything it touches except for elite tanks like Ouros and General Atum, and even they will get severely damaged.

Countering Pinky Flash: Pinky's biggest flaw is her low Speed, so denying her before she does anything, or possessing her after Jumping Jacks is used is the best way to deal with her. Ouros can take Honda Stlyes for days but he can't block Jumping Hams. Queen Luthien and Valgar the Pure quite effectively render Pinky Flash useless.