Hello everyone and welcome to my 266th analysis, this time featuring Nikasia.
Overview: An insane Speed tier and Dodge Area already make Nikasia a fantastic candidate for both a denier and a support. While she definitely can be a denier if you count Precision modifying as denying, Nikasia truly excels as a support. Buff and debuff control, along with damage boosts and good debuffs like the aforementioned Precision modifiers give her the means to greatly affect the state of the battle. Should you rank her up to Rank 3, she will get Resurrection Block to make dealing with her more tricky. However, as awesome as Nikasia is, she suffers from limited moveslots.

Rank 0: Dodge Area: This is what makes Nikasia, and most monsters who have it, very effective in battle. It is especially nice for Nikasia, who can clean up the debuffs the AOEs she dodges inflicts on her allies.
Rank 1: Dodge Area + Freeze Immunity: It is always good to have immunity to deny effects.
Rank 3: Dodge Area + Freeze Immunity + Resurrection Block: Situational, but good to ruin some monsters like Warmaster Necromancer and Wyrmlad.
-Fear the True Light/Breeze Soul/Blinding Soul
-Breeze Soul/Blinding Soul/The Light Will Be Mine/Enlightened Warrior
-Breeze Soul/Blinding Soul/The Light Will Be Mine/Enlightened Warrior
Runes: 3 Team Speed/3 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Team Speed&Team Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Banners and Amulets

Build Explanation:
Sunshine handles Dodge Area monsters and it can be used to deny the enemy denier if you're fast enough, or just disrupt an important enemy in general. It removes buffs from the target and applies Total Blind to it. Fear the True Light's random debuff is nice, but it's used mainly to remove all buffs the enemies might have. If the enemy doesn't have monsters that buff all allies like Mirak or Warmaster Ragnarok, you can use Breeze Soul here to Blind all enemies without losing momentum, or you can choose Blinding Soul for the Daze and Sunburn(twice) it applies. The last two slots are a combination of two moves from the four options given: two of them are Breeze Soul and Blinding Soul, and the others focus on buffing allies. The Light Will Be Mine is used to clean debuffs on your team, which is useful against Tortures and especially against deny moves, since Nikasia has Dodge Area. Enlightened Warrior instead cleans debuffs on a single ally, but gives them Double Damage as compensation. Don't run both debuff cleaning moves as this will cut into Nikasia's ability to disrupt the enemy team.
3 Team Speed with Team Life Mutations are a standard on supports, but if you run both Blinding Soul and Breeze Soul, Nikasia can act as a pseudo-denier, reducing the enemy's Precision so much that they can't land their attacks. In such a case, run 3 Speed with Life Mutations.

Teammate Options: Running a Taunt monster will make Nikasia untouchable except by Pierce monsters. This is complimented by the fact that Nikasia can clean the debuffs the Taunter might get inflicted by. For more Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Nikasia: Immunity to Blind makes Breeze Soul and Sunshine way less powerful. Warmaster Elvira gives her team Blind Immunity by existing. If you don't use many buffs, Nikasia's usefulness will drop even further. For more Counter options, check out this article.