Have the Classic and Grand Duels become a mundane chore? Grandmaster Duels are here to take you out of the monotonous battles and spice it all up with special Timed Challenges that also include Rankings so that you can measure your fighting prowess on a global level.

Live: November 22nd
Time period: 3 days


  • NO warm-ups
  • Level Caps on level
    However, the caps don’t remove already received Traits and Skills that were unlocked by reaching a specific rank.
  • Use your own monsters from pre-defined Monster Pool.
  • You will also be able to modify your monsters with your own Relics and Runes.

2 NEW Timed Challenges

  • Grand Duels Victories
  • Grand Duels Won

You can look forward to tough competition and some great rewards such as Elite Souls, Relics and Runes!