Hello everyone,

Here is a new set of questions and answers for the most discussed topics in the past month. We know that those were heavily talked about in our forum as well so feel free to read the official answers bellow.


Why don’t you release all chapters for the books at the same time? Why are there "incomplete" books?
We wanted players to get used to books progressively. Therefore we first introduced the easiest books & chapters (eg. dragons, spirits,... chapter 1, 2, 3). Books cannot be complete as we will keep creating more chapters along with new monsters release (ultimately we would like most monsters to be included in the Library). Be aware that we will not necessarily have same number of chapters for all books because monsters need to fit with the theme of the book. For example, we currently have less “family” monsters than “Dragon” monsters and it’s very unlikely that the “family” book will contain 6 chapters in a near future (we have less monsters that fit with the "family” theme): this is intended.

We are aware that some book restrictions were too sudden for some of you; in future, we will inform you of any new book releases & new battle restrictions at least 2 weeks in advance.

We are forced to play with weaker monsters.
We wanted to bring some "freshness" in the game. Battling with different (and sometimes weaker) monsters allows us to re-discover other monsters. All players have same conditions so it’s equally fair.


Why did we increase the price of generals in the Team shop?
We wanted the price to reflect the real strength of these monsters. Generals are currently very powerful in the game. We thought that it was not right to keep them at same level of war coins than other monsters.We also introduced higher rotation in the shop to make it more interesting. You can find also more monsters with low war coins price.


Why I can't see the runes of my opponent?
The amount of trophies is now the most representative of player's real strength and gives you an indication of chance of winning an attack. We believe that player or runes level (previously displayed) do not necessarily reflect player's strength (for example, there could be strong runes on weak monsters). So, what better indication could there be than trophies showing how strong you’re in battles?

Battle items in PVP are not fair
Many of you have sent us this feedback. We are considering removing the battle items from the PVP. If we do, we will warn you in advance before any change.

Refresh price to find other opponents increases too fast!
Thank you for your feedback. We have changed the price of refreshing opponents after the beta and now the correct price is already live in the game.

Season rewards are super high!
Yes, we intended to release first season with special launch rewards! However, rewards are not permanent and can be adjusted over seasons to be higher or lower.

Why did you choose 50 war coins as an additional restriction to participate in the Team Race?
This restriction can seem very low for elite teams. However we did not want to exclude active teams - that can also earn less war coins on each war - from team race. We're trying to take into account both low and high level players.


Why don't you create a Hatching Guardian?
We are frequently doing happy hours that give you 50% reduction of hatching time (either on all monsters or on specific elements / books). This grants similar benefits to a Hatching Temple. However, we don't have plan to add another Guardian for the moment.

We want to thank you again for your feedback, it is highly appreciated. We hope that this information helps clarify some of your concerns.
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