Master of Paths is back and this time you will have the opportunity to get iMigbo, Saulot, Zyla the Faithful, and Warthak the Mountainsplitter.
You will face 4 paths and your goal is to reach the end and get the precious Scroll of the Master of Paths which is hidden somewhere in the maze. These scrolls have secret inscriptions that are meant to open special chests. However, which chest you get will depend on how many Scrolls you'll collect.

You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.

Each Maze has its own theme, colored maze coins and a special Monster that you will be able to capture. You will also be able to rank the monster by following the path further to collect its cells.


Path of iMigbo
December 8th - December 10th

Path of Saulot
December 10th - December 12th

Path of Zyla the Faithful
December 12th - December 14th

Path of Warthak the Mountainsplitter
December 14th - December 16th


Every time you collect a scroll you get a chest based on how many scrolls you already own.

Rune Life 3
Rune Strength 3
Rune Speed 4
Relic Bronze
Food 80 000

Rune Strength 4
Rune Speed 4
Rune Speed 4
Relic Silver
Food 100 000

Rune Speed 6
Rune Speed 6
Rune Strength 6
Relic Silver
Food 120 000

Rune Speed 7
Rune Speed 7
Rune Strength 7
Relic Gold
Food 150 000

You might collect maze coins in between mazes, but keep in mind these won't count since the maze is over.
Maze coins for one maze CANNOT be used in other mazes.