With the new Team Wars Season, we bring the promised changes and updates.

Legendary League status
Until last season when your team reached Legendary League, it was labeled as Legendary and went into the fixed matchmaking the whole season. With the new season, if your team is below top 100 and you lose 2 consecutive wars, you will drop out of the fixed matchmaking. If your team is around the 100 position, you’re in a war that you lose, and you drop below 100, it already counts as 1 war lost.

We have increased elasticity of Trophies.

Toggle opt-out for Legendary Leagues
To make it clear if you are opt-out or opt-in for the matchmaking, we have added a toggle function instead of the button.

Bonus Trophies
There is a new tooltip for Bonus Trophies that explains the reason for the bonus.

Off-season extension

Since we have all these changes prepared, we will be extending the current offseason and start the new season with improvements on Monday.