Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride on this Xmas fairy event!
Look forward to a month full of amazing rewards in the Xmas Key and Coin hunt!

When: From December 11th to January 10th

Xmas Time Challenge

Collect Xmas coins and get up to 90 Kronxian Guard Cells.

Where to get Xmas Coins?

Every week for the whole month, we will release a Xmas Dungeon. If you reach the end, you will find the precious Xmas Coin!

However, that's not all! You will also get a special Xmas Gift chest after every node you complete. What can you find in the chests? Runes II-XS, Relics, Xmas Monsters, Food, VIP or Nemesis.


Every Dungeon will have 21 nodes that you can unlock only with the Xmas Keys.

Where to get the Xmas Keys?

You can get three Xmas Keys on a daily basis via completion of the Daily Missions.