Hello everyone. Elite monsters are tough to get if you didn't obtain them from the event they first appeared in, especially since the main method of doing so involves Grand Duels. However, they are worth your effort since this caste includes some of the strongest members in the metagame. Unless stated otherwise, monsters are listed from best to worst, both in terms of tier placements and the monsters' individual placings in lists. Keep in mind that these are my opinions and that I would appreciate it if you gave me constructive criticism instead of just stating that I'm wrong.

S-Tier: Reserved for the best Elite monsters that are among the cornerstones of the metagame. Even one monster from this tier can completely change the tide of battle.

-Wyrmlad: Uncontested best and most flexible Elite monster, Wyrmlad excels at everything he does. He has access to Skill Mirror, revival, Evasion, extra turns, buff removals, debuff removals and many more. Dodge Area is a cherry on top for this beast, making him an essential member of Dodge Area - Taunt cores. In general, Wyrmlad is extremely difficult to deal with and fits into teams with great ease, hence his spot on the very top of this list.

-Kronx: This extremely fast denier with Tough uses a deny method that currently no other monster uses: Baby Reversion. This makes it so that the monster that's affected by this debuff is effectively eliminated from the game while the debuff persists, and it cannot be cleaned because the affected monster avoids any and all attacks. This may sound counterproductive because it would mean your monsters can't attack the target either, but this debuff is a nightmare for a notorious core: Taunt - Dodge Area. Taunt monsters are usually given 3 Life, so they will move much later than all others, making Baby Reversion last on them for quite long. During this time, the Dodge Area monster is wide open for attacks, because a monster affected by Baby Reversion is unable to draw in attacks, plus they will dodge Kronx's AOE Baby Reversion in the first place. Baby Reversion can also foil Mega Taunt in a similar fashion. Plus, Kronx has a move that gives an ally Triple Damage and Baby Reversion and herself an extra turn, which can be cheesed by targeting a Control Immune monster - Control Immune monsters are unaffected by Baby Reversion, so this is essentially a free Triple Damage boost. Kronx also has normal deny effects like AOE Time Stop, making her a fantastic choice for any team, against any team.

-Grakon: Yet another amazing denier, Grakon's moveset features an impressive amount of deny effects backed up by Tortures to rack up damage, and he also has Tough. He is as fast as Kronx and has access to things like single target Mega Stun + extra turn, and an AOE Stun that applies AOE Trait Disable beforehand. These alone make Grakon a respectable denier, but the highest end players that are able to take Grakon all the way up to Rank 5 are rewarded very handsomely in the form of a Dodge Area Trait Evolution, bringing Grakon to a whole new level and allowing him to be a superb denier in the most powerful core in the game: Taunt - Dodge Area.

-Ugluk: Trying to stop Ugluk from moving is almost always a lost cause, since this Control Immune monster has a move with 0 CD and 0 Stamina, not to mention moves with extra turns. His Trait includes a Quicksands SC and Tough later on which further adds to his power. Ugluk is the first monster to have Taunt Hater, and one of his moves applies Taunt Hater to him while being an extra turn move (unfortunately the buff gets removed after the damage has been dealt). This allows Ugluk to counter the omnipresent Mega Taunt SCs and Taunters in Dodge Area - Taunt cores since he can just outright kill them in one turn. He also has access to Mega Stun and a buff move that costs 0 Stamina and has 0 CD that gives him Precision, Double Damage, Taunt Hater and Anticipation, which is honestly self explanatory.

A-Tier: These Elite monsters are, without a doubt, extremely powerful and cannot be underestimated. They can easily fit in teams, but it's obvious that they're not as game breaking as the S-Tier monsters.

-Dunn Ra: This is the first monster in the game with a Mega Taunt SC. Dunn Ra's moveset isn't insane like most other Elite monsters, but her SC, along with good disruptive effects (like Curse, Blind and Daze) and a 0 Stamina Mega Taunt refresher puts her here. Her Relic slots are also perfect for her role, being able to hold both the Oblation Trap (or Nabuline's Trap) and Healing Mask at the same time. The only reason she's not S-Tier is because there are many monsters with Mega Taunt SCs around that can replace Dunn Ra with relative ease, but don't forget that Dunn Ra is notable among them.

-Nitroblaster: Nitroblaster is the only Elite monster with the Artifact trait, which greatly helps an attacker like him. He has a lot of extra turn attacks, and one of them has 60 Base Power and Burn and Ignite attached to it, which shows how hard this monster hits. There are only a handful of ways to deny Nitroblaster and he has decent Base Speed for an attacker as well. He eventually ends up with a powerful deny move too: a CD Activation that's assisted by Pierce.

-Cain: The first Elite monster is an attacker that's capable of dishing out monstrous damage, and take care of himself as well with Life Steal, Evasion and debuff removals. Cain's Trait includes Abomination, which by itself is good, but also Bleed Hater, and this is the part that defines Cain. He has 3 moves that apply Bleeding and all of these happen to give him an extra turn, so he can use them on a target and follow it up with a damaging move to almost always kill them.

B-Tier: This tier houses Elite monsters that are very strong in many situations, and outclass monsters with similar roles most of the time.

-Zizania: The monster to introduce Pierce to the game has, frankly, an average moveset and Trait, for the most part. However, at Rank 3, Zizania gains Pierce as a SC and at Rank 4, his most powerful attack that also doesn't remove the Pierce it gives is unlocked. These make Zizania a strong candidate for turn passing strategies since he can ignore Taunt - Dodge Area cores thanks to Pierce. He has a couple of buff removals and an extra turn attack that gives him Evasion for 2 turns (so that it doesn't just go away after you use it) and Regeneration, so Zizania is decent at taking care of himself.

-Gorg: Gorg has blistering Base Speed for an attacker and an absolutely spectacular moveset filled with buff removals, extra turns and high Base Powered attacks. This makes his matchups against other attackers much smoother. He has two moves with buff removal followed by Stun, one of them single target and the other one an AOE. If you use the right combination of extra turns, Gorg can Stun a target for as long as his Stamina lasts, and while Anticipation can easily foil this, it just goes to show how much he is capable of doing.

-Drakor: Drakor is slow and has a bland moveset featuring only 3 different status effects. His Trait at least protects him from Stun and Freeze, but it unfortunately leaves him open to all sorts of debuffs. However, there is a single move (yes, just one) on Drakor's moveset that warrants his placement in the Elite category: Earthquaker is an AOE Stun + Mega Stun, which counters Hardened variants and denies all enemies for 2 turns (very possibly). He also has a Base 50 Fire AOE and a Base 70 0 CD single target Fire move, but these have no effects attached to them, so while they're good, they're not amazing. Drakor is the very definition of putting all of your eggs in one basket, and you decide how you feel about that.

C-Tier: Don't.

-Soul Hugger: Did you mean: "A joke"?