Hello everyone and welcome to my 40th analysis, this time featuring General Shannara.
Shannara is one of the best Magic attackers, possessing great Speed, the Tough trait, 0 CD unresisted 50 Base Power single target Stun and the golden 45 Base Power AOE. She also has 2 single target 50 Base Power 1 CD Magic moves that Burn and Poison respectively. However, her single target damage output for an attacker is average at best, as her highest damaging single target has 50 Base Power, plus her AOE not being unresisted is a bother.

-Anagram Force
-Mystic Teleport
-Fire Astral Form
-Nature Astral Form
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Anagram Force is an AOE and has 45 Base Power which is amazing. Mystic Teleport is unresisted, has 0 CD and is a Stun with 50 Base Power. Fire Astral Form and Nature Astral Form share a same purpose, but one Poisons and the other Burns. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximize her damage.

Teammates: The Keeper makes Anagram Force hit all enemies really hard. Valgar the Pure or Incognita can grant her Double Damage+Precision, allowing her to wipe out all enemies.

Countering General Shannara: Magic monsters can take her attacks, which is everything for an attacker. Being immune to Stun is also useful, as she is a frail monster.