Now the feedback of the feedback is :

  • No more marathon
  • Stop increase the cost of the game
  • Go slowly with the new monsters (we cannot up one, another one, better, is here)
  • Return to the old monsterwood (without cooldown)
  • Reduce the events
  • Think about the small lvl
    (And for sure I forgot topics)

You see, I’m sure, members who stop the game because of yours « innovation’s» a lot a players just want to play and enjoy, not to be stressed

A lot of players take times to give you their feedback on discord but, it’s seems, you don’t mind.
Seeing 2,21K gems for 475 MC is a shame.
Seeing 125 gems for 25 Nikasia’s (Clipeum etc...) cells is also a shame.
Seeing 85 gems for 25 cells (other monsters now) also.

Really, if you were a player, will you continue to play in this way ?
What did you expect ? Killing the game ?

Please for once’s, Christmas arrive, listen the players.