Hello everyone and welcome to my 274th analysis, this time featuring Saulot.
Overview: As a denier, Saulot just has 2 deny moves, one of them being his AOE Possession and the other being a single target Mega Possession. He has no buff or debuff removals either, so how does this monster operate? Well, Saulot is special in that his denier side is meant to complement his other, dominant side: applying Tortures. With the most aggressive SC in the game of Ignite and diverse Tortures like Quicksand, Burning and Bleeding, Saulot can stack up massive damage with ease. Having an excellent Base Speed of 3531, Abomination as a Trait and a very solid 41k Base Life allow Saulot to outspeed many monsters, take a hit if necessary, and not turn against his own team. He may not be the best denier around, but Saulot is very successful at making his presence felt on the battlefield.

-Burning Puppets
-Fire Strings
-Magma Ground
-Open Wounds
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life, Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Staves and Traps

Build Explanation:
Burning Puppets is an AOE Possession and Fire Strings is a single target Mega Possession, giving him the most essential tools to deny enemies, in the form of an AOE deny and a single target deny, for Dodge Area monsters. Magma Ground has a notable 1 CD, and it applies Burning and Quicksand to its target - couple this with Saulot's SC, and it's very likely that the recipient will die over 2 turns if not cured of its Tortures. Lastly, Open Wounds adds another Torture to Saulot's arsenal, one that has the bonus of weakening attackers.
3 Speed with Life Mutations is a standard on deniers. Saulot can also use the extra Speed to more often use Magma Ground to put pressure on enemies. If you don't like Saulot's denying power, you can make him your team's Team Speed holder too, with Team Life Mutations.

Teammate Options: Saulot is often the denier of Torture based teams, since he is one of the few deniers with so many Tortures, including his coveted SC. Such teams will need buff removal for the not uncommon Torture Immunity, so bring monsters like Hornet to remove buffs. Saulot is also a good glue for teams looking for cheap offensive pressure. For more Teammate Options , check out this article.

Countering Saulot: There are monsters that give their teams Torture Immunity from the start, like Olnir and Gualgui, and this almost completely counters Saulot, since that way he's left with just his deny effects. Artifacts are also massively annoying because Saulot is completely helpless against them. For more Counter Options , check out this article.