Hello everyone and welcome to my 42nd analysis, this time featuring Yndra.
At first glance, Yndra appears to be underwhelming, and while he isn't the best Thunder monster around, having 2 turns of Space-Time is very powerful when your element has VoltaiK and Zyla in it. However, his Base Strength and Base Life are very low, and he doesn't really have a move that pressures the enemy.

-Waves and Particles
-Electron Burst
-Acceleration Principle
-Sacrificial Bolt
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength

Waves and Particles does heavy unresisted damage, but more importantly, he applies Space-Time to himself for 2 whole turns, which is a godsend against VoltaiK and Zyla. Electron Burst is his best AOE, plus it applies AOE Daze, which helps against deniers. Acceleration Principle is an extra turn attack which is always helpful. Lastly, Sacrificial Bolt gives him great damage at the expense of some Life. 2 Speed 1 Strength must be used since his main draw is countering VoltaiK and Zyla, so he has to be faster than them, plus Sacrificial Bolt gives him Double Damage anyway.

Teammates: Nox the Condemned can use Abducted Soul on him without killing him thanks to Waves and Particles. Ra'Zhul functions similarly.

Countering Yndra: Just don't care about him, use your AOE deny and other AOE moves and he'll die along the way. Yndra sucks at applying pressure, with no deny options nor Speed that's above that of deniers, and his Strength is below average, so you don't have to worry too much about his damage output.