Hello everyone and welcome to my 43rd analysis, this time featuring Rador.
Rador has the highest Base Strength out of all monsters-and by a large margin too, since the next monster to have the highest Strength, Kaih the Eradicator, has 187 less Strength! Rador's moves don't have low damage either, one of his AOEs has 45 Base Power while he has an unresisted 65 Base Power attack. Unfortunately, Rador doesn't have deny options and his Speed is behind that of even Megaosteum, which means he'll be moving later than most monsters.

-Mad Ride
-Melting Groud
-Flame Slam
-Turn Them To Ashes/Wicked Soul
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Mad Ride has the golden 45 Base Power for an AOE. Melting Groud has a low 30 Base Power, but it Burns all enemies and gives Rador Precision. Flame Slam has very high damage and will kill most Fire monsters in one hit. Lastly, Turn Them To Ashes gives him Double Damage, however if you find that unnecessary, Wicked Soul is an unresisted 55 Base Power 0 CD move. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximize his damage.

Teammates: Users of Sticky Lava greatly increase the damage of his AOEs. Demise can use Strength From Beyond on him, and thanks to his massive Strength, he'll usually wipe all enemies out with Mad Ride.

Countering Rador: Lucifire greatly reduces the power of his AOEs. Megaosteum and Greedy Dragon can deny him before he moves, leaving their teammates to finish him.