Hello everyone and welcome to my 44th analysis, this time featuring Nox the Condemned.
Nox's moveset is very simlar to Ra'Zhul in that some of his moves harm his allies to grant him power. However, Nox takes damaging his allies to a more extreme level, with a move that outright kills an ally and an AOE 80 move that also damages allies. Other than these moves, Nox also has great Base Strength and good Base Speed for an attacker, and as a VIP, has the Bulwark trait, making him even more dangerous. However, Nox's moveset needs specific allies to operate without much backfire, so he is possibly the riskiest monster to use in a War, though he can grab some clutch games with his deadly attacks.

-Abducted Soul
-Total Obliteration
-Deadly Rip/Torment Rip
-Incubus Scythes
Runes: 2 Speed 1 Strength

Abducted Soul, when combined with Total Obliteration, will kill anything it touches except for extremely tanky things like Ouros or monsters behind Full Shields that already have decent Base Life. Deadly Rip's insta kill chance makes it worth running, and even if it doesn't work, the move still has 60 Base Power. Torment Rip is a more universal alternative that instead kills less tanky enemies without an instakill effect. The last slot goes to Incubus Scythes since with a Double Damage boost you'll still kill enemies without Total Obliteration(at higher levels if you're using 2 Speed 1 Strength). 2 Speed 1 Strength outspeeds most monsters other than deniers, and still deals extreme damage with Total Obliteration, though the rune level needs to be high-this is the better spread if you're the attacking side. 2 Strength 1 Speed should be used if one Strength rune doesn't allow Total Obliteration to one-shot-this is better if you're the defender since it allows Total Obliteration to kill even without damage boosts.

-Deadly Rip
-Incubus Scythes
-Torment Rip
-Total Obliteration
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

This moveset forgoes the reckless nature of the first and focuses on damaging just the enemy(mostly). Deadly Rip is used for the same reason, Incubus Scythes is his best risk-free AOE move and Torment Rip deals insane damage to a single target. For the last move, Total Obliteration is a good choice just in case the match comes down to it. 2 Strength 1 Speed is needed since this set doesn't have Abducted Soul to boost his damage.

Teammates: Timerion is almost mandatory, as Space-Time prevents Abducted Soul from killing the target and Total Obliteration from killing all allies. Any monster with an effect to Space-Time makes a good ally to the first set. Uriel and Kassia can bring back monsters that died. As for the second set, you might want a damage boost as Incubus Scytes' Base Power is less than ideal. Keep in mind that Nox makes an excellent defense monster, as it doesn't matter if your allies die since the attacker doesn't gain any coins if their team is wiped out. I don't have him and haven't tested him in PvP yet, so I don't know whether you win or not if everyone dies to your Total Obliteration in PvP.

Countering Nox the Condemned: In defense mode, Nox is a huge bother if the AI uses Total Obliteration since you lose your Coins. For this reason, your primary objective when attacking a team with Nox should be taking him out or immobilizing him, though the latter is very difficult with Bulwark. Fortunately, Nox has low Base Life, so hitting him with a fast, powerful attack should take him out. Never try to Possess Nox as when he uses Abducted Soul while Possessed, he will kill one of YOUR team members instead of his own, and with the extra turn he's granted, he can easily take you out, plus Total Obliteration still hits everything while Possessed.