Hello everyone and welcome to my 275th analysis, this time featuring Yedra.
Overview: Yedra has traits that are seen in almost all Nature attackers: heals, heals and heals. However, Yedra is among the best of these Nature attackers, because she has Torture Immunity and a couple of nukes, which is what almost all attackers need. She also has these healing effects appended to her moves that would still be somewhat useful without them, which makes them more like a good bonus rather than a strategy. Still, Yedra can't hope to compete with titans like Ugluk and Hookuai, and she is sorely lacking in the debuff department.

Rank 0: Torture Immunity: This is frankly the most useful Trait Yedra could ask for with her moveset, as Tortures completely and utterly counter survival tactics.
Rank 1: Torture Immunity + Hardened: Always good to have.
Rank 3: Torture Immunity + Hardened + SC: Reverse Healing: This is great for countering healing Relics which are very commonly used. Otherwise, Yedra has no moves to abuse this with, so it will do nothing in the absence of said Relics, or enemies with healing effects. The latter is very hard to manage too since most healing moves come with debuff removal, and even then they're rare.

-Viola Engross
-Wither Slash
-Strong Roots/Unhealthy Mistletoe/Life Drain
-Leocojum Wind
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Life, Speed&Life
Relics: Swords

Build Explanation:
Viola Engross allows Yedra to get rid of enemy buffs while also hitting them nicely. It also heals her by 30%. Wither Slash is Yedra's most powerful attack at Base 70, plus it extends its damage with an AOE Poison - this also weakens enemy attackers, helping Yedra be a bruiser. Strong Roots is Yedra's most useful AOE, with a good Base Power of 40 and a Double Healing effect. Yedra can use this to stay alive with ease, since Viola Engross will heal her for an impressive 60%. If the enemy has many heals and Yedra doesn't have her SC yet, Unhealthy Mistletoe is a nice alternative as well, to throw a wrench in the enemy's plans. Life Drain is another alternative that sacrifices Yedra's ability to do reliable AOE damage for better single target damage and survivability. This is not favorable against Anticipation monsters though. The last slot goes to Leocojum Wind, which is essentially a stronger Life Drain: it heals all allies for 35% instead of giving just Yedra Regeneration, and also gives her an extra turn.
2 Strength 1 Speed with Life Mutations is a standard for all attackers. Yedra's playstyle fits a rainbow spread very well, but unfortunately, due to her lack of offensive status effects, she will need all the power she can get.

Teammate Options: For Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Yedra: Hitting her with her own medicine is a strong way of countering Yedra, if you can find any monsters that can apply Reverse Healing. For more Counter options, check out this article.