Hello everyone and welcome to my 277th analysis, this time featuring Rociuko.
Overview: Rociuko has very impressive Base Speed and an awesome Trait Evolution that features Pierce as a Trait for the first time in the game. Unlike other supports who wish they can be fast themselves while also having an equally fast denier to foil monsters like Mega Taunters and Warmaster Elvira, Rociuko can give her team Evasion if she wants to, putting her one step ahead of those supports. Unfortunately, Rociuko's moveset contains no deny moves of any kind, putting her at a rather awkward situation where she can ignore combos like Dodge Area - Taunt, but still not be able to do much about it.

Rank 0: Pierce: Rociuko's moveset balances this out, but normally it'd be insanely powerful, allowing you to totally ignore the enemy team comp and do whatever you want.
Rank 1 : Pierce + Anticipation: Yet another big Trait, Anticipation allows Rociuko to interrupt extra turn spammers, and thankfully, she is good at this.
Rank 3: Pierce + Anticipation + Control Immunity: Control Immunity makes it so that Rociuko is hard to disrupt, and she appreciates this a lot.

-Pull the Mind
-You Failed
-Rociuko is Here
-Team Merge
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed
Mutant Rune options: Speed&Life, Team Speed&Team Life
Relics: Banners and Traps

Build Explanation:
Pull the Mind is a Torture move that applies Sunburn, Curse and Nanovirus to all enemies with 50% chance, which makes it so that most of the time, all enemies will receive at least one of these powerful debuffs. This is what makes her Anticipation good, since it has 0 CD and the enemy will have to think twice before allowing Rociuko to use this too many times to stack all Tortures on their team. It is also the move she'll be using most of the time unless some shenanigans with status effects happen. You Failed removes buffs from all enemies, but the initial target will get them removed twice, to counter Positive Effect Protection. Rociuko is Here is the closest thing Rociuko has to a deny move, being an AOE Total Damage Reduction - this can at least neuter attackers. Lastly, Team Merge allows Rociuko to pull a Warmaster Elvira and give her entire team Evasion, but she removes all debuffs from them beforehand so that things like Nanovirus can't get in the way. This is another excellent move to combine Anticipation with.
Thanks to Team Merge, Rociuko can run 3 Speed and use it before anyone moves to, as stated before, pull a Warmaster Elvira. This spread also allows her to clean SCs with her Speed if need be. Life Mutations will be used here. Alternatively, you can give her 3 Team Speed with Team Life Mutations like traditional supports.

Teammate Options: For Teammate options, check out this article.

Countering Rociuko: Rociuko loses much of her purpose if you don't use status effects too much, and her playstyle is reactive instead of proactive. Using straightforward high firepower monsters will leave her in an awkward situation. For more Counter options, check out this article.