I've recently returned to Monster Legends, and I see that Titan team events have vanished and haven't happened for a while. Maybe bringing them back would be a good idea. I think that we should have these things if it comes back.

1 - The time limit. I remember there being only 10 minutes for a battle, and made sense so there wouldn't be battles that could bring down 1, 2 million HP. Increasing it should be a good idea.

2 - Restrictions. The restrictions were a good idea for overpowered combos, but there were some people that didn't like it. Maybe making the restrictions less strict will give good feedback.

3 - Individual rewards. Before, the events had no individual rewards, and that wasn't good, seeing the people who didn't contribute getting rewards and the people who contributed majorly got the same rewards. Adding individual rewards with food and cells would be a better idea so that those who do contribute will get the rewards that they deserve.

4 - Monster picks. Picking your monsters and runes would be better to prevent overpowered combinations. Working just like the Duels system, it should also give good feedback.

5 - Resetting battles. Crashing and losing power from your device reset the battle- so we should make it less stressful! Joining back to the game will instantly put you back in your battle, and not making the players wait for their monsters to recover.

I know this is a lot to ask for, but even if you tell me that it isn't possible, I will be thankful for everything!