Hello everyone and welcome to my 45th analysis, this time featuring Timerion.
Timerion, along with General Thetys, VoltaiK and Zyla belongs in a group I'd like to call Gods of ML because they're omnipresent and can easily tear down entire teams with little support. Since its release, Timerion has been regarded as one of, if not the best, supports in the entire game thanks to its vast arsenal of utility moves, and CDs Activated in particular. Plus, it possesses the mighty Artifact trait, which renders status moves utterly pointless vs. Timerion since it dodges them all. However, Timerion's Base Speed is not good for a denier, and he usually can't deal damage that'll kill an enemy, so if Timerion is left alone on one side, that side has already lost the battle(unless some time shenanigans happen in defende mode).

-CDs Activated
-Stop Time
-Equalizer/Looped Damage/CDs Deactivated
Runes: 3 Speed/ 3 Team Speed

CDs Activated is important to deny most of the enemy's monsters and more importantly, their denier, which allows your other monsters to attack freely. Stop Time is a massively effective single target deny move, and nobody's immune to it. Space-Time can allow for some great times with Nox the Condemned, plus it counters VoltaiK and Zyla the Faithful. In the last slot, Equalizer is a great situational move that can turn the tide of battle or wither down tanks such as Ouros. Looped Damage can also be used here to further counter deny monsters and VoltaiK&Zyla, or just act as an all around good move. CDs Deactivated allows for great synergies, but this move is usually redundant when compared to the less situational choices. 3 Speed allows Timerion to be a proper denier. Timerion can also run 3 Team Speed, which is a spread that could run CDs Deactivated to greater effect by restoring the CD of your main denier's deny move if it isn't Stun.

Teammates: Timerion easily fits into any team thanks to being one of the most effective deniers of all time. However, specific synergies can arise as well: for example, Nox the Condemned greatly enjoys Timerion's presence since it renders his Abducted Soul harmless, and Total Obliteration without many negative side effects. Any monster who has a move that affects the whole team is good to use with Looped Damage since it'll be used twice.

Countering Timerion: Using moves with 0 CD will render CDs Activated weaker since you can still use that move to damage enemies. Despite Artifact, Stamina Drain and opposing CD activators will render Timerion utterly helpless for at least 1 turn since they don't apply status effects to begin with. If he doesn't use Space-Time, VoltaiK and Zyla will proceed to plow through Timerion's team.