Hello everyone and welcome to my 46th analysis, this time featuring VoltaiK.
VoltaiK, along with General Thetys, Timerion and Zyla belongs in a group I'd like to call Gods of ML because they're omnipresent and can easily tear down entire teams with little support. VoltaiK is arguably the most notorious member of this group because he is ranked up easier than Zyla, has 4 extra turn moves which forces the AI to play at least a bit more like you and most importantly, is capable of dealing enough damage to one shot a team in a "single turn" which is comprised of many turns. Timerion is also unable to touch VoltaiK thanks to the latter having a 0 CD extra turn attack. It would be wise to say that VoltaiK is one of the legit competitors for the best monster title.

-20.000 Volts
-Static Shocks
-Electrodynamic Assault
-50.000 Volts/Electrodynamic Aggression
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Stamina

20k Volts, when using alternatively with Static Shocks, creates the loop of damage that makes VoltaiK so popular, with the latter move being capable of dealing AOE damage as well. Electrodynamic Assault is there to have a weapon vs. Timerion. The last slot should usually go to 50.000 Volts since it completes the 4th extra turn move, but Electrodynamic Aggression is useful to land a finishing blow on an opposing Thunder monster-this move is especially useful during the earlier levels of the game where the rune levels are not too high. 1 Strength, Speed and Stamina gives VoltaiK the stats he needs to do his thing.

Teammates: The team of General Thetys, General Ingvar and VoltaiK is a popular choice because Thetys can use Stamina Devourers, VoltaiK can do his turn, and afterwards General Ingvar uses Encouragement, followed by Thetys' Elite Sea Troops, and then VoltaiK finishes off any remaining survivors. Another option is to have 2 other monsters with 3 Team Speed, which allows VoltaiK to be faster than the opponent's denier, allowing him to finish them off without them being able to do anything. Dr. Hazard can use T.F.W.N Toxin on a Thunder monster to make it easier for VoltaiK to kill.

Countering VoltaiK: Igursus is a very effective counter if the 3 Team Speed strategy isn't used since if an extra turn move is reflected, the turn goes to Igursus. Hiroim the Tenacious is also a decent counter thanks to Adverse Fortification. Zyla the Faithful is naturally faster than VoltaiK, and can easily beat him if there is not too much of a difference between rune levels. If the opponent is using the 3 Team Speed strategy, your best chance is to have Ouros in your team, who is tanky enough to take VoltaiK's assault and hope the AI plays bad, or have Team Speed runes of your own.