Hello everyone and welcome to my 46th analysis, this time featuring VoltaiK.
Overview: Once one of the most fearsome monsters in the game, VoltaiK's usage suffered with every new addition to the game, like Anticipation monsters, Mega Taunters with 3 Life Runes, and others like him such as Prince Charmless. VoltaiK's damage output started to be not enough due to his terrible Base Strength and high Stamina consumption, alongside the increased average Base Life of monsters. However, do not underestimate this monster as he still probably deals more damage than any non-extra turn spammer in the game: the damage which I talked about not being enough is a drop from being able to kill an entire team, to being able to kill two monsters at most on average. Plus, Hardened is a nice trait to have, and his Speed tier of 3465 is a good one for an attacker.

-Electrodynamic Assault
-20,000 Volts
-50,000 Volts/Electrodynamic Aggression
-Static Shocks
Runes: 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Stamina
Mutant Rune options: Strength&Stamina, Speed&Stamina, Stamina&Strength, Stamina&Speed
Relics: Masks and Swords

Build Explanation:
The given moves allow VoltaiK to have 4 extra turn attacks. This is important when using him on Defense, as it will force the AI to use attacks until VoltaiK's Stamina is depleted, which is what you'd normally do. Under normal circumstances, you'll dimply alternate between Static Shocks and 20,000 Volts, but Electrodynamic Assault allows VoltaiK to escape CD Activation and continue his attacks. 50,000 Volts is there to have your 4th extra turn attack. If you aren't planning on using VoltaiK on defense, you can replace 50,000 Volts with Electrodynamic Aggression to deal more damage against Thunder monsters on your last attacks, should this be necessary.
1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Stamina gives VoltaiK the ideal combination of stats to do his job. The Mutations focus on increasing his damage output based on these stats, but you can use a Speed Mutation on the Stamina Rune if that'll allow you to outspeed an important target on the enemy team.

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