Hello everyone and welcome to my 47th analysis, this time featuring Kaih the Eradicator.
Kaih has extremely high amounts of damage, and also one of the highest Strength stats at level 100, 3663. He has a 50 Base Power AOE too, and as a VIP he has the amazing Bulwark trait, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of Stunning Gob(Megaosteum) and Reign of Fire(Greedy Dragon). He introduced the Ignite status effect to the game, which deals less damage overall but more damage per tick, plus nobody's immune to it. However, Kaih's Speed is lacking and he doesn't possess a deny move.

-Sun Fire
-Star Flare
-Desolation Strike
-Destruction Strike/ Eradicator Blade
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Sun Fire has 35 Base Power, but it also applies Ignite to all enemies, which reduces 40% of their Life over 2 turns. Star Flare has 50 Base Power as an AOE, which is awesome. Desolation Strike destroys any frail monster that comes into contact with it, such as many other Fire monsters. Destruction Strike has 1 CD and 60 Base Power, which also deals great damage to any monster it touches. Alternatively, Eradicator Blade is less useful vs. Fire monsters, but more useful on any other type over time. 2 Strength 1 Speed is the standard spread for attackers.

Teammates: Users of Sticky Lava greatly increase the damage of his his AOE moves and make them unresisted. Damage boosters further increase his damage to ensure his AOEs finish the job in one hit.

Countering Kaih the Eradicator: Lucifire is the best counter available thanks to her Fire Protection, which protects your team against his AOEs, but his single target skills will still deal great damage. She can also hope to land a Damage Reduction on Darmith Ch.9. Otherwise, your best shot at defeating Kaih is to deny him through Bulwark, which is challenging. Another option is using very powerful monsters and very powerful attacks to outright one-shot Kaih: Lucifire the Hopefreezer can achieve this.