Hello everyone and welcome to my 48th analysis, this time featuring Uther the Valiant.
Uther is one of the few Metal monsters who are tanks- the others being Holter's Pet, Hercule, Gangsterosaurus and Sir Automatronicus. However, Uther has access to more damage than these mosters and also possesses the beloved Bulwark trait, which makes denying him very difficult. Uther can also outspeed Metalhead, which is very important as he is a prominent monster in the Metal element. However, Uther has no deny moves which can be a bit costly depending on the enemies.
-Knights Honor/Bleed, Adversaries!
-It's A Great Battle!
-Taste of Victory!
-Bravest Heart
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/ 1 Strength 1 Speed 1 Life

Knights Honor has unresisted 50 Base Power, which is amazing. Bleed, Adversaries! is a weaker alternative that's also unresisted, but it applies Bleed which supports his tankiness. It's A Great Battle! gives him 25 Stamina for free, and it gives him Precision to use with his AOE. Taste of Victory! not only heals Uther for 30%, but it also gives him a 30% Shield, which, when combined, is a massive heal. Lastly, Bravest Heart is unresisted, has a whopping 65 Base Power, has 0 CD and it can Burn with a 50% chance. 2 Strength 1 Speed can make him a devastating attacker(Knights Honor recommended here), and 1 Speed 1 Strength 1 Life makes him tankier(Bleed, Adversaries! should only be used here, though you may choose not to).

Teammates: Uther's two runespreads differ in playstyles, but both spreads can use the help of Demise if Knights Honor is used: a Base 50 unresisted AOE will make quick work of most enemies when combined with Double Damage. As a tank monster, taking out the enemy's Timerion can be crucial since he can use Equalizer on Uther, which will ruin his tank duty. Know that Bulwark will protect you from status most of the time, but you should still beware of monsters such as Nox the Condemned who can deal great damage in an instant. The attacker variant is much easier to use: Knights Honor and the enemy dies.

Countering Uther the Valiant: Draining his Stamina is the best way to counter him, as CDs Activated leads to him using powerful moves anyway, and denying him otherwise is difficult. The tank version has less damage, but it's still a lot, so don't dismiss him as just a tank. Powerful Magic monsters like Malair can use Magic attacks with high damage to break through him. Timerion is also one of the best counters since Equalizer deals with the tank version and Space-Time deals with the attacker version.